Young Climbers Childcare Infant and Toddler Program is a play-based centre. Our program fosters a safe environment for children ages childbirth until 3 years of age. Each day is filled with indoor and outdoor activities. 

We learn through using our five senses (which include touch, taste, hearing, sight, and smell) and through exploration. We provide an environment to foster the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of the children daily.

We at Young Climbers acknowledge that the first three years of a child’s life are when they learn and explore the world around them. We as teachers prioritize the children’s safety and their ability to learn things at their own pace.  

Our main goal is to teach children that they are loved and cared for. Whether your child is crawling, walking or very new at being away from their family. We will love your child to the best of our ability. 

Young Climbers accepts full-time students only, which will include, 

Spring break, Summer, and a portion of Christmas break.

Monthly Fee is $200.00