Our Philosophy


Young Climbers Child Care Centre is part of Renew Church and is an important part of its service to the community.  We support the beliefs and objectives of the church and are overseen by the church Leadership Team.

We operate as a family-centred program. We do not attempt to replace the priority of the home and its environment but seek to supplement and enrich the child’s experiences.  A child’s family is the most important influence in their lives.  They know their child best and have the right and responsibility to make the choices for their children.  To create the best experience for the child, families and teachers must partner in the child’s learning and development.  This involves sharing ideas and expressing concerns to form supportive and caring relationships.

We believe in providing an inclusive program where children learn through play in a safe environment.  Play benefits the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and moral development of all children.  It helps them learn about the world by being creative and exploring their environment.  Play helps teach children to listen to others, problem solve, handle frustration, share their ideas, empathize, lead, negotiate, and cooperate while developing positive self-esteem. At times we may provide community activities to enhance the child’s learning. We will work alongside Renew church in providing different opportunities for families to participate in.  For example, Trunk or Treat, Christmas Teas, Easter Breakfast, and Fall kick-off.  Our goal is to work alongside Renew Church to build a bridge between the relationships with the Church and families of the childcare centre.

Teachers observe each child’s individual developmental needs, meeting each child where they are at and understanding how precious each child is to God and to each of us. We support learning by creating an environment that engages all children, expanding on the children’s interests, needs, and abilities.

Teachers will offer comfort to children, form relationships with them, and provide the best home away from home possible to make the children feel safe and secure while having fun and learning.

Parents are entitled to individual respect, support, and quality childcare for their children.  There must be open communication between staff and parents, acting as a team working together to raise and support each child.  We use a program called HiMama to communicate between staff and parents and are available to communicate directly with the parents.

Children are entitled to a safe and nurturing environment with a scheduled routine that best meets the individual needs of each child in our care.  Each child is treated with respect, cared about individually, not compared with others, and appreciated for how precious they are.  We do not attempt to replace the priority of the home and its environment, but rather seek to supplement and enrich the child’s experiences. The philosophy of Young Climbers Child Care Centre is that each child needs to develop intellectually, socially, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Staff are entitled to work in an environment which respects their training and skills.  We foster a team atmosphere, working together to build each other up and encourage each staff member on and off the job.

Our purpose is to help the children grow to their full potential by providing the best care and training possible to help nurture and challenge them.